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A one-stop guide for clients to find out more about the new quarterly statements, our new Client Login and other useful how-to guides.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Guide: Quarterly Statements

If you use the Transact administration service, your quarterly statements can be accessed directly via the Transact website:

  1. You will receive an email reminder from Transact with a web link alerting you that your quarterly statement is ready

  2. Enter your Transact Number and Password

  3. Click on Housekeeping > Pickup Page (or navigate to 'Pickup Page Documents' on the home page)

  4. Click on the unread "DIM Quarterly Report"

  5. Historical reports can be found by adjusting the 'Status' and 'Document Type' settings and clicking the 'Generate' button

Please note that you may not receive duplicated quarterly statements from ourselves in this instance, however your Client Login on our own website will remain active.

We will continue to send Annual Reports to you by post as usual.

Reporting - what's changed?

New rules first introduced in 2018 mean that we have to change the way we report on some of your investments. You will now receive two different types of report:

1) Quarterly Investment Statements made available every three months instead of every six as before.

2) Annual Investment Review sent once a year which will include our usual letter, a review of your investments and financial markets as well as up-to-date valuations.

New Reports

Quarterly statements instead of bi-annual

> Reports now online via our Client Login or directly from the Provider website

> New format and report layout

New Client Login

With all the added level of detail in these reports we are mindful that you may not want large quantities of paperwork to be posted to you every few months, which is why we have launched our new Client Login. This will allow you to access reports and useful documents via our website. Find out more here.

If you use the Transact service, your quarterly statements are available directly from their website. Please click this link to find out more. 

"IRIS OpenSpace"

The technology behind our Client Login is provided by a UK-based company called IRIS whose software we have used for various accounting purposes for several years. Their OpenSpace software is a dedicated 'file sharing' service for financial companies like Montgomery Associates which is secure and straightforward to use. We are encouraged to see that Accountants across the UK have already adopted this service to share confidential information with their clients in the same way.

Your password is chosen by you and is not disclosed to either Montgomery Associates or IRIS. Only you, as our client, may view your documents online and IRIS have a robust data protection policy to ensure that your information remains private and confidential.

The first time you access your Client Login online you will be presented with a page of Terms & Conditions. Please feel free to tick the box on the agreement which is ostensibly between KMA and IRIS.

If you have any queries, please contact us or you can find out more about your Client Login in here.

What is in my new reports?

Your quarterly investment statement will be one document containing a series of statements. It will be fronted by our familiar investment summary showing the information that is most important to you.


If you use Transact you can access your quarterly statements directly from the Transact website. Find out more here.

Our Montgomery Associates report will be made up as follows:

Cover Sheet

Information and important updates relevant to you.

Investment Summary

Entitled 'KMA Investment Management' this is a summary of your KMA investments in a format very similar to the bi-annual report you have been used to receiving from us.


The more detailed valuation showing the total account value and a list of all of the holdings within it.

Cash History

Details of all transactions and account activity that has taken place over the period. This will include any deposits or withdrawals you have made and all investment sales and purchases.

Charges Listing

Once a year the quarterly report will include an extra page detailing account charges applicable over the year. From this report you will be able to see a breakdown of our fees, the platform’s fees and any fund manager fees.

Will I still receive my bi-annual valuation in the post?

Our bi-annual report has been replaced by a combination of the new Quarterly Investment Statements (accessed either online via our Client Portal or directly from the provider website if you use Transact) and an Annual Investment Review sent to you by post.


In our Annual Investment Review we will include a more detailed letter summarising the year's investment activity, portfolio performance, a market update and up-to-date valuations of everything we manage for you.

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