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The financial world is becoming more intricate and complex. Without close monitoring or the proper guidance it can be all too easy to put a foot wrong.


You might not have the time to manage all of your investments or you might prefer to leave the burden of administration to someone else. Our service is based around the core principle of simplicity for the client.

Our 3 tiers of service

First and foremost we are a Financial Adviser. We look at the whole of the market to select the best possible options for the client.


Where appropriate, we consider investing to meet financial objectives using high quality collective funds, fixed interest securities and UK/global equities spreading risk right across the world. 


For the more complex arrangements we always consider the broader wealth of our clients and their families. Arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney, assisting with tax returns, introducing property agents or writing a Will are just some of life’s details that we deal with on a daily basis.

Your weighting of the global investments was clearly a wise move with strong returns during the current climate.

We are thrilled with your handling of our investments.

Client based in Salisbury, Wiltshire


Wealth Management
Financial Advice

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Financial Advice

We don't use unduly complicated solutions for what are often straight forward problems. 

Keith Montgomery,

Founder & MD

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Peace of mind is one of the key benefits in taking financial advice on an ongoing basis; knowing that a trusted professional with the expertise and market awareness is taking care of your finances. 


One of our priorities is to take the burden of administration away from our clients.  In doing so, the client is given the freedom to think clearly and live their life without the worry of tax returns or ISA allowances. 

Straight forward financial planning

One of our priorities is doing the simple things well.


In the same light, we ensure that our clients understand absolutely what we are trying to achieve for them - a concept not always considered in today's market. We don't use unduly complicated solutions for what are often straight forward problems. 


It is the depth of our knowledge of each and every client that underpins the quality of the advice we give.

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Discretionary Investment Management

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Managing an investor’s capital is a long term assignment. We consider your total wealth across all asset classes to build a methodical investment strategy. Our fundamental investment philosophy is based on combining a wide spread of risk across the world with high quality fund managers.


We apply extensive research across the market by analysing unit trusts, investment trusts, ICVCs, OEICs and others. We carefully build our model portfolios and make strategic and tactical adjustments to suit each client risk profile.


While collective funds form the bedrock of our bespoke client portfolios we also include individual UK and global equities where we believe this is in the best interest of the client and is in line with their wealth, investment objectives and risk profile.


We assist our clients in preserving and enhancing their assets for themselves and future generations, whether they require a regular income, capital growth or diversification in their portfolio.


Our investment committee have a combined 75 years’ worth of experience in financial services and as we are 

independent, whole of market providers we are not incentivised by certain funds over others and do not have our own funds to promote.

Discretionary vs Advisory?

We are unusual in being a small IFA offering Discretionary investment management. This means we are able to act on behalf of the client and in their best interest, for example at times when they are unavailable to do so themselves. 


A discretionary service is more suitable for clients who wish to leave the management of their investments to someone else while they get on with their lives.


Many small financial companies operate on an Advisory only basis. The Adviser is obliged to contact the client each time they wish to make any change to their investments. As you can imagine if the market were to turn suddenly, an opportunity may be missed if the client was abroad or unavailable.

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Capital growth
Wealth preservation
Investment Philosophy



Our investment clients can expect a valuation at least every six months. With this we provide bespoke economic commentary with particular reference to their investment exposure, a personal investment report and a wealth summary across third party holdings. Read more about what to expect as a client.


When selecting investment funds on behalf of our clients, one particular area of focus is on choosing talented fund managers. They must be dedicated to active fund management and the delivery of outstanding performance over the medium to long term.



Our investment committee meets formally once every three months to discuss asset allocation, changes to funds and their management and changing economic conditions.


Our investment philosophy is a close-nit combination of top-down and bottom-up research; we consider the wider economy and the prospects of individual sectors through fundamental analysis. This investment strategy has served us well and we continuously strive to adapt to the ever-changing economic backdrop. 

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40 years of experience with hundreds of different clients has shown us that having a central overview of a client’s total wealth gives a deeper understanding of their financial requirements.


Managing your family’s wealth effectively is an integral part of one’s financial security. The majority of our clients are family connections across two or three generations. Having created and accumulated wealth, it is more important than ever to consider what the implications will be both during your lifetime and in the future.

Beyond advice

Wealth Management as we see it goes beyond advice and investing. For many clients we offer a broader, fuller service likened to that of a Family Office.


You may be too busy to manage your extensive finances yourself or might need an introduction to a local law firm. We introduce local and trusted solicitors, tax specialists and even property search agents to clients who's needs go beyond the every-day requirement.

If you were to invest with a number of different investment managers, without realising you can fall foul of a lack of communication between them. You may be unaware that your investments are over-exposed to a particular company or geographical region and at risk of suffering from a broader market downturn without realising it. Having a central adviser who is able to take all aspects into consideration is one way to reduce this risk. 

Wealth Management

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Breadth of services

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We can produce intigrated reports covering your 3rd party holdings, overviews of your broader investments and design investment strategies for you. 

We work closely with local tax firms specialising in everything from straight forward tax returns to complex IHT planning. 

We have built more than 30 years of working closely with a leading local firm of solicitors across tens of client cases. They specialise in family, business, commercial and personal law.

Often the primary benefit of having a Wealth Manager. We work towards minimising the burden of administration and focus on simplicity for you as the client. 

Estate planning is one of the most important areas of personal finance and is concerned with how your wealth is passed on to future generations.

People often approach us with sundry and rarely reviewed statements from different pension providers, past employers and the like. We are able to consolidate and simplify your affairs.


To find out more about how we can help

We offer a free initial meeting with no ongoing obligation. At this meeting we discuss your current financial arrangements, attitude to investment risk and future objectives.

Our fee structure is clear and competitive:


Discretionary Investment Management is charged at 1.00% p/a based on the value of the investments, reducing to 0.5% p/a for portfolio values over £1m.

An initial fee is charged at 1% based on the value of moneys invested at inception.

If you require a review of your existing investment arrangements or general financial advice this is charged on an hourly basis at a rate agreed at the time. If you then choose to invest with us at a later date any such charges are credited to your account.


All charges in percentage and monetary terms are discussed with you in detail prior to any business being arranged on your behalf.

Our fees
Execution Venues

Montgomery Associates works with a number of third party investment administration companies often referred to in our industry as 'Platforms' or 'providers'. The main three Platforms we work with are Transact (the trading name for Integrated Financial Arrangements Ltd, a subsidiary of IntegraFin Holdings plc), Embark Investment Services Ltd (a subsidiary of Embark Group Ltd) and Alliance Trust Savings Ltd (a subsidiary of Alliance Trust plc).